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The Dangers of Termite Infestation

The climate in Cyprus presents the ideal breeding ground for termites, and we're currently experiencing an influx of the pests, with homes and businesses being destroyed at an alarming rate. Sadly, building contractors cut costs during the most important stage of building a new structure; neglecting to treat the building site before construction starts. This leaves every building in the country wide open to attack by these subterranean creatures.

Every year the problem grows worse as the termite species native to Cyprus thrive on the increasingly hot and dry environment. Entire buildings are being leveled by termites all over the island, and the longer people wait to treat the problem, the more difficult and costly it is to fix.


termite damageOur company has years of experience in pest control, and we're the only company in Cyprus that specialises in termite and woodworm removal, with specially trained technicians just for that purpose. We offer various preventative treatments for these especially tricky pests, and if you already have an infestation, we can save your building from destruction using TermidorĀ® termiticide, which we've found to be the only effective termite treatment chemical. You can read more about our services using the links below.

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